What is A Smartwatch and How Does It Work?

Along with the advance of technology in these recent years, the new terminology of “Smartwatch”  has become extremely famous among technology lovers all over the world.

Although it is first introduced in 2010, not until 2015 does this field become dynamic. But do you really know what a smartwatch is and how it works? If you’re still confused, then check our post below!

What is a smartwatch?

For your concerns, a smartwatch is a device that has the appearance and all the functions of a regular watch. It tells you the date and time, allows you to set alarms for special occasions, and so on.

The only difference of smartwatch and a regular watch is that the smartwatch is much “smarter” as it provides tons of amazing features that no other regular watch can such as the health care program, the cardiograph, the pedometer, etc.

Besides that, a smartwatch can also interact with a smartphone to receive calls, messages and reply to them. The initial goal of a smartwatch is to become an assistant for smartphones but thanks to the exponentially growing technology, it is gradually emerging from the dependence on smartphones.

Nowadays, there are a lot of smartwatches possessing all the features of a typical smartphone. Indeed. Now it can work as a music player, a video recorder, provide internet connectivity, and so on. In other words, users will have everything they need on their palm.

Moreover, as the smartwatches often have a pretty small size, it’s incredibly handy to carry them around, especially when traveling. Therefore, it’s absolutely not exaggerated to say that a smartwatch is a mini and even more convenient version of a smartphone. 

How does it work?

Well, if you still confuse not knowing what exactly a smartwatch can do, then here are some fundamental features of a smartwatch!

First and foremost, in our opinion, the ability to interact incredibly fast with smartphones is the most significant advantage of a smartwatch. As it transfers data via Bluetooth, your smartwatch will display all notifications appearing on your smartphone such as calls, SMS, emails, Facebook notifications, etc. The best part is that not only does it show notifications, but it also allows users to manage actions on their smartphones without lifting a finger. By using the voice control feature from the smartwatch, now you can quickly interact with your phone without holding it. Most smartwatches in the market nowadays have these features whether they’re high-end products or just affordable ones.

Another plus of a smartwatch is that it can be a smartphone on its own. Many smartwatch models nowadays provide SIM card slots. For examples, we can quickly point out the dz09 and the gv08 model. After inserting the SIM card into your smartwatch,  you can use it to call, text and even connect to the internet to surf websites, go on Facebook, send emails, etc.

Besides that, smartwatch users can also insert a memory card (up to 32GB) to store music, photos, videos, and so on. Moreover, there is a built-in 2.0 camera to help you save sweet memories and share them with your friends and family.

As stated above, smartwatches are also integrated with health care functions. They’re equipped with a cardiograph, a pedometer, a sleep manager, and so many more. Thanks to these useful features, users can easily and quickly get to know their health status and adjust their lifestyle to change for the better.

What are some disadvantages of a regular smartwatch?

Frankly, like other industries, technology has never been an all-rounded field. The more features that a device has, the bigger the downside of that product is. And smartwatches are no exception.

The battery life

As the size of smartwatches is quite small, they cannot provide users with a long-lasting battery. Therefore, the more features you are using or, the more screen settings you turn on, the shorter the battery life is. In other words, the battery life of the smartwatch, the screen settings, and the features in use move in tandem.

The limited compatible operating system

Another downside of a smartwatch or the smartwatches (generally) is the limited compatible operating system. Most smartwatches in the market nowadays are only compatible with Android smartphones.

There is only 1 smartwatch that can be connected to Windows smartphones. For IOS users, they also only have 2 smartwatch lines: the Pebble and the Apple Watch. The only smartwatch to support the 2 most popular operating systems is the Pebble.

Smartwatches are only connected successfully with the smartphones from the same producer

Famous technology organizations in the world like Samsung tend to produce exclusive smartwatches paired only with their smartphones to push the overall sales.

Therefore, if you use other gear-line smartwatches on a different Android phone, you will not receive as many features as on Samsung smartphones. The situation is the same if you’re using IOS but falling in love with the Sony Smartwatch instead of the Apple Watch.  

All in all,

Above is all the information that you need to know about smartwatches. In our opinion, after considering both its cons and its pros, it’s still an incredibly handy device that everyone should try at least once in their life. We hope that our post is useful for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. We will help you with our capability. Thank you!

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